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August 2006

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Tuesday, August 29th

Greymatter now supports RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 feed generation

I have completed my modifications to gm-rss and have issued a new version. This is version 2.0.

I have added a new page to my own website to release this code. It is based on version 1.3.1 of the script. The original 1.3.1 script is no longer supported by the original author.

I am happy to support and answer questions based on the new version 2.0.0 of gm-rss.

The original code has simply been extended and supplemented rather than doing a re-write.

I plan to rewrite the RSS / Atom feed generation code for GM soon. The existing code is very monolithic and needs improving. It currently uses a span class to identify the feed text. This is not ideal as for a generic solution any peice of text should be suitable and extractable for adding toa feed.

This new version supports RSS1.0, RSS2.0 and Atom 0.3 for full posts and also for "taster" entries using the same technique as in the original gm-rss.

In the near future I want to re-write, add Atom 1.0, modularise and also remove the need for span class rss:item to be added. I also want to add support for feeds of comments, posts plus comments and.... well basically allow feed generation to be added to anywhere easily in gm.

I have created some nice new icons, three in fact, one for each feed type.

I have fixed a bug in the original rss1.0 feed (actually its an RDF feed). I have validated all three feeds as generated by my feeble blog so they are clean. That doesnt mean that all feeds generated by anyone will stay clean. I had to fix the date generation to RFC-822 and email generation to RFC-2822 and also the image size. I also had a post that included html in the title, this balked the feed validator but not the generator. In futiure i would like to add support to remove html from all parts of the feed text so it wont break the validator.

The original feed site includes details of how to automate the running of gm-rss.cgi, this is still valid.

I have made a change to the perl to use the dest_name parameter of the configuration file gm-rssconfig.cfg in a differnet way. In the old version this parameter had to have the file extension .rdf. This is no longer the case. the parameter should not not include a file extension:

# The name of the destination/outputfile file. Do not include a file extension
dest_name = example_file_name

This is because the perl now generates three files, .rdf for rss 1.0, .rss for rss2.0 and .xml for atom.

There are also dependanices on various shipped Perl packages such as xml::rss, xml::atom::simplefeed, xml::parser and xml::simple.

If your ISP does not include these packages it can be difficult to use gm-rss. Either get the ISP to install them, install them yourself if you have privileges or follow my method.

I tracked down each perl package on CPAN and saved the code as a {name}.pm file and removed the shebang lines. All i needed to do then is comment out the "use" lines for the packages and add a require line instead pointing at the .pm file location. I installed mine in a non web accessible directory.

I will check into the license for the perl packages (I think I can redistribute them) and if its OK then I will also ship the packages to make it much easier for anyone to install and use gm-rss.

As I said I will re-write the feed generation completely so that it can be built in. one of the key things is to get rid of the dependanicies on these packages. Also I would like to get rid of the dependancies on adding span rss:item tags to the templates. This is OK for a quick script but not for a professional built in solution. I would also like to make it completely modular to allow feed generation from any part of gm. I want to support atom 1.0 as well rather than atom 0.3.

Any questions, support, features, chnages, let me know.

The download is at
Pete on 08.29.06 @ 10:59 PM GMT [link]

Monday, August 21st

Greymatter blog software new features

I just made a post to the new Grey Matter forums titled "New Greymatter features" and thought I might share it here as well:

have been thinking about some of the longer term mods / core features that should be added to greymatter and wanted to list some of them here to start an initial discussion and to add to coldstones list. Here is my wish list:

o - multiple blogs from one interface / installation
o - draft posts
o - comment anti spam -
o - comment moderation - I am working on this
o - comment blacklists
o - comment unique number posts - i.e. put this number in a box before you can post
o - full feed support - I am working on this now
o - translation of posts to different languages
o - proper categories
o - blogroll support
o - trackbacks
o - last xx comments
o - statistics - i.e. who is logged on, from where etc
o - dynamic posts - but ability to keep .htm(l) URL's
o - database support
o - spell checking
o - WYSWIG editing
o - support for remote editing

Please feel free to drop me a line or add to the forum thread with any new features that you feel should be in the next core Greymatter blog software upgrade.
Pete on 08.21.06 @ 10:39 PM GMT [link] is dead, long live the Greymatter blog software!

I wrote the other day that the long established website has gone down, looks like for good. This is bad as there was a long established and rich collection of information for anyone running and using greymatter. The owner of the forum and a few of the core members have decided that the forum should close and that there is better blog software out there and people should use that instead.

I dont agree at all. I like Greymatter blog software. It may be old now but its still useful. It has some limitations but we can get over those. Probably the best news that has come of flippedcracker and his colleagues closing down is that a new forum has started up. Its caller grey matter forums and its on a free hosting site to try and protect the collection of shared info going forwards. If someone decides in the future that they dont support greymatter anymore at least the forum will remain for others. I have been supporting this new forum as I have an interest in improving greymatter myself and I am running it on three blogs including this one.

I have also agreed to host the greymatter blog software on this site. I have found some of my old posts for a couple of bugs fixes and posted them there, answered a couple of questions and also become a moderator of the forum. I have also set up a page on this site to support greymatter mods. This currently inlcudes a link to gm-rss and also my xml-rpc script.

The good thing is that development on greymatter is set to continue and hopefully we will get some nice mods and core improvements. I have made a suggestion on the forum that we release often and make changes available straight away not like the previous situation where a core set of people coded changes and released once in a blue moon. If we release often and release debug / candidate releases we should get better testing and quicker stable releases. Greymatter blog software should then improve quicker and more people will start to use it.

I have taken on the mantle of looking after the RSS feeds and getting together a script that will do RSS 1.0, RSS2.0 and ATOM all for greymatter.

After that I will also look at my moderated comments mod.

As I said the king is dead, long live greymatter blogging software!
Pete on 08.21.06 @ 10:26 PM GMT [link]

Thursday, August 17th has gone

I found out to my dismay a couple of days ago that the greymatterforums website has gone down. The site simply shows a suspended page and indicates that the owner should seek advice from the ISP.

This is a great pity as the content there was great for anyone running greymatter, which I do. I was planning to finally implement my comment moderation mod but could not even get my text back to see what I had previously posted there. I need to see if I kept my notes locally..:-(

I am planning to at least host my mods here and also to get a greymatter forums replacement up and running. I for one am going to continue to use greymatter and would like to share any knowledge I gain with others.
Pete on 08.17.06 @ 09:05 PM GMT [link]