Pete Finnigan pete\ Copyright Ltd 2006, All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are hereby acknowledged,2023-01-10:%2Fweblog%2Farchives%2F00000034.htm Pete Finnigan pete\ <p> The latest version, 1.8.2 of the Greymatter software has been released. This can be downloaded from the Greymatter software download site . This version has the following changes: * Bug fix where number of entries edited by author wasn't being....<a href="">[Read More]</a> </p> <p>Posted by Pete On 15/05/08 At 03:48 PM</p> 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z Greymatter weblog software version 1.8.2 is released,2023-01-10:%2Fweblog%2Farchives%2F00000033.htm Pete Finnigan pete\ <p> The latest version of the Greymatter weblog software, version 1.8.1 has been released. This is the first major release of 2008. The 1.8.1 changes can be summarised as: === 1.8.1 === * NEW FEATURE: random salt used when encoding author....<a href="">[Read More]</a> </p> <p>Posted by Pete On 25/01/08 At 02:01 PM</p> 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z New Greymatter Weblog software Version 1.8.1 released,2023-01-10:%2Fweblog%2Farchives%2F00000032.htm Pete Finnigan pete\ <p> An interim release of Greymatter weblog software at version has been released to fix issues with the easy formatting bugs. The software is available from my Greymatter weblog software download page....<a href="">[Read More]</a> </p> <p>Posted by Pete On 20/11/07 At 11:07 AM</p> 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z Greymatter patch upgrade is released,2023-01-10:%2Fweblog%2Farchives%2F00000031.htm Pete Finnigan pete\ <p> A new version of the Greymatter weblog software has been released yesterday. The announcement was made in the forums yesterday by Coldstone. I must especially thank Coldstone profusely here for all of his fantastic efforts on the GreyMatter weblog software....<a href="">[Read More]</a> </p> <p>Posted by Pete On 21/10/07 At 07:56 PM</p> 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z New version of Greymatter weblog software (1.7.4) is released,2023-01-10:%2Fweblog%2Farchives%2F00000030.htm Pete Finnigan pete\ <p> I have uploaded the old version 1.2.1b, 1.2.1.c and 1.2.1d versions of GreyMatter to my GreyMatter download page . The reasons to include old versions of GreyMatter on the download pages are two fold. The first is the the original....<a href="">[Read More]</a> </p> <p>Posted by Pete On 03/10/07 At 01:35 PM</p> 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z Old mods and old versions of GreyMatter,2023-01-10:%2Fweblog%2Farchives%2F00000029.htm Pete Finnigan pete\ <p> test entry....<a href="">[Read More]</a> </p> <p>Posted by Pete On 18/07/07 At 10:47 PM</p> 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z test entry,2023-01-10:%2Fweblog%2Farchives%2F00000028.htm Pete Finnigan pete\ <p> The latest and greatest next release of Greymatter has been released a few days ago. Greymatter is the original weblogging and journal software originally written by Noah Grey and now maintained by a group of developers hosted out of the....<a href="">[Read More]</a> </p> <p>Posted by Pete On 05/07/07 At 10:33 PM</p> 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z Greymatter 1.7.3 is released XML::Atom::SimpleFeed 2023-01-10T04:47:07Z Pete Finnigan's blog is dedicated to web development. Pete Finnigan's Web Development Blog