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Greymatter weblog software download

This page has been added to allow people to download the Greymatter weblog software as the original download site at greymatter forums is no longer available.

Agreement / License

The copyright notice from the download that states that the code can be redistributed providing that all of the copyright notices remain intact. I am not aware of the exact content of the original download page so I have included the copyright notice here for completeness.

By downloading this software you implicity agree to the following terms. If you do not agree DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

Greymatter is Copyright (c)2000-2008 by the Greymatter team. All rights reserved.

By possessing this software, you agree not to hold the author responsible for any problems that may arise from your installation or usage of Greymatter itself, or from any content generated by yourself or others through the use of this program. You may freely modify and redistribute this program, so long as every copyright notice (including in this manual and in the Greymatter code) remains fully intact. Finally, you may not sell or in any way make a financial profit from this program, either in original or modified form.

GreyMatter Software Downloads

GreyMatter Software ~ Latest Version

Full Installation:

GreyMatter 1.8.2 (tar.gz)
GreyMatter 1.8.2 (zip)

Upgrade Installation:

GreyMatter Upgrade 1.8.2 (tar.gz)
GreyMatter Upgrade 1.8.2 (zip)

Previous Versions of the GreyMatter software

You can download the previous versions of the GreyMatter software here:

Full Installation:

GreyMatter 1.8.1 (tar.gz)
GreyMatter 1.8.1 (zip)

Upgrade Installation:

GreyMatter Upgrade 1.8.1 (tar.gz)
GreyMatter Upgrade 1.8.1 (zip)

Note: This is a patch update release. If you are already running 1.7.4 then upgrade with the patch release below. If you are running a previous release then choose the full installation and follow the upgrade instructions. If you are installing from new then also choose the full installation.

Full Installation:

GreyMatter (tar.gz)
GreyMatter (zip)

Upgrade Installation:

GreyMatter Upgrade (tar.gz)
GreyMatter Upgrade (zip)

Full Installation:

GreyMatter 1.7.4 (tar.gz)
GreyMatter 1.7.4 (zip)

Upgrade Installation:

GreyMatter Upgrade 1.7.4 (tar.gz)
GreyMatter Upgrade 1.7.4 (zip)

Full Installation:

GreyMatter 1.7.3 (tar.gz)
GreyMatter 1.7.3 (zip)

Upgrade Installation:

GreyMatter Upgrade 1.7.3 (tar.gz)
GreyMatter Upgrade 1.7.3 (zip)

GreyMatter (tar.gz)
GreyMatter (zip)

Note: Hotfix replaces version 1.7.2. You should use this version for new installations and also upgrades from version 1.7.1 and lower. If you have installed version 1.7.2 then download and replace the gm-library.cgi from 1.7.2 with the new version from

GreyMatter 1.7.2 (tar.gz)

Please unzip the core and docs packages below into the same directory (these combined are identical to the tar.gz file for 1.7.2)

GreyMatter 1.7.2 Core Files (zip)
GreyMatter 1.7.2 Documentation (zip)

The following archives are older versions of the GreyMatter blogging software. These are available for testing purposes only and I do not recommend anyone to install them for full use.

GreyMatter 1.7.1 (zip)
GreyMatter 1.7.1 (tar.gz)
GreyMatter 1.6.1 (zip)
GreyMatter 1.6.1 (tar.gz)
GreyMatter 1.3.1
GreyMatter 1.3.0
GreyMatter 1.2.1d
GreyMatter 1.2.1c
GreyMatter 1.2.1b

Greymatter translations

Translated versions of Greymatter are available here. These are listed by language

GreyMatter - Spanish

Greymatter Manuals

The manuals are also available:

GreyMatter Installation Manual
GreyMatter Manual
GreyMatter developers Guide
GreyMatter Cookbook

A default installed page is shown here:

Default Greymatter Installation