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Greymatter weblog software modifications

This page has been added to allow people to download Greymatter modifications that I am aware of. I plan to add links to mods that i know of here and also add links to my own mods.

You can download the Greymatter RSS 2.0 mod here:

RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 feed generation modification for Greymatter

My XML-RPC mod is available here:

xml-rpc script to ping blog directories

gmshortcutkeys mod in GM 1.3.1:

In response and addition to the mod I described in gmshortcutkeys i have added a link here to download my modified version of gm-library.cgi. Rename the file to gm-library.cgi from gm-library.txt

In response to a question on the greymatter forum about a directoy issue, i have created a simple perl cgi script to print out the working directory. Download the file pwd.txt and saveit as pwd.cgi. Copy it tp your web space with ftp and chmod it to 755 and run from the browser as pwd.cgi and you will see the file system directory. substitute your own domain for mine.

1.8.2 - Loglistentry author issue

An issue was raised on the forums where a {{logentrylistauthor}} variable did not work. I found the bug fix for this and have modified to fix the problem. You can download from here. Copy it to your libs directory and overwrite the existing version. Rename the file from to

A working demo of all the logentrylist, logshortentrylist and logmoreentrylist variables is shown embedded in a connected page The template looks like this:




logentrylist author

{{logentrylist Test}}

logentrylist month

{{logentrylist month}}

logentrylist number

{{logentrylist number}}



logentryshortlist author

{{logshortentrylist Test}}

logentryshortlist number

{{logshortentrylist number}}

logentryshortlist month

{{logshortentrylist month}}



logmoreentrylist author

{{logmoreentrylist Test}}

logmoreentrylist number

{{logmoreentrylist number}}

logmoreentrylist month

{{logmoreentrylist month}} {{footer}}

1.7.2 - Rebuild All Files Issue

I have added this short section to enable the rebuild all files issue to be closed out. The files involved are quite large and posting them all to the forum is not appropriate neither is cutting and pasting. The issue is that rebuild all files fails after the update of the archive indexes. The files are:

instrumented gm-library (1.7.2)
instrumented gm-cgi (1.7.2) (1.7.2)
instrumented gm-utils (1.7.2)
instrumented gm-web (1.7.2)

Some older Mods from the 1.2.1 era

I was sent some older mods from the 1.2.1 era that are still being used on some websites. These are included here for reasons of not losing them and also for reference if someone has problems. Also as some of the mods are in areas that are likely to be covered again it is useful to see old mods and how some changes were attempted. These are included here for historical reasons only and for reference. they will not work with newer versions of GreyMatter and I have not installed / tested or used them so do not attempt to install and use them on a current GreyMatter version, you have been warned!!!

GM Adding Entries Mod
GM Categories
Gm Plug
GM Poster