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October 2007

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Sunday, October 21st

New version of Greymatter weblog software (1.7.4) is released

A new version of the Greymatter weblog software has been released yesterday. The announcement was made in the forums yesterday by Coldstone. I must especially thank Coldstone profusely here for all of his fantastic efforts on the GreyMatter weblog software that make it a viable blog platform to use. GreyMatter is improving hand over fist as time progresses.

The new version includes some new fixes and some new features. The new features mostly around security and comments include:

  • more information given in comment email
  • check that commenter came from a page on the Gm site
  • force commenters to preview page, enhanced to put a secret value on the page
  • throttle commments to slow down spammers
  • 'all' option on paging, for those who don't want to go page by page

This version also includes a number of fixes:

  • Fixed defect where comment email missing usefull information
  • Refactored admin screens: Entrylist, View Entry
  • Updated Edit Author screen so that option selections are preserved on an error
  • Updated gm.cgi to 'use strict', but not permanently
  • Applied fix to trailing whitespace in templates issue, posted by Carlos P
  • Applied fix for "Author Smartlink Target Template", discovered by stryker

Let the updating begin!!
Pete on 10.21.07 @ 07:56 PM GMT [link]

Wednesday, October 3rd

Old mods and old versions of GreyMatter

I have uploaded the old version 1.2.1b, 1.2.1.c and 1.2.1d versions of GreyMatter to my GreyMatter download page. The reasons to include old versions of GreyMatter on the download pages are two fold. The first is the the original GreyMatter forums site has gone along with all the old versions and mods, so its to make them available again. The second is that whilst most people will not need to install and run the old versions some people still do have them and for the developers its useful to be able to recreate issues on the same versions and also its useful for testing upgrades.

I have also added some old mods to my GreyMatter Mods page from the 1.2.1 era again for the same reasons as above.

Quite obviously don't install these old versions or mods for real production use now. Also don't try and apply old mods to current versions of GreyMatter.
Pete on 10.03.07 @ 01:35 PM GMT [link]