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March 2007

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Home » Archives » March 2007 » GreyMatter 1.7.2 released

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03/11/2007: "GreyMatter 1.7.2 released"

A new version of the GreyMatter software, version 1.7.2 has been released today. The main software download site has just been updated to add the new zip and tar files. The zip is broken into two files purely because of file size issues on the free download site also used, so these files have been reflected on my site for the download. The file contents for the two zip files are the same as the tar.gz file.

Version 1.7.2 brings the following changes (from the changelog):

=== 1.7.2 ===

* Modified comments gm_phphackcheck to check search strings for hacks as well, particularly since they are logged.

* Issue with check execute bit on windows with Active perl, rolling back feature

* Fixed random phrase generator to create 3 minute window in which phrase is good for

* Added back key shortcuts for GM:

* NEW FEATURE: Select all for deleting comments:

* Security enhancements to scan all form variables inputted.

* Updated install, manual, and developer documents, fixing typos, adding clarifications.

* Refactored gm_formatentry to Gm_Core

* Refactored Gm_Storage methods to stop (die) on required params, instead of assuming defaults

* Truncated search parameter to 35 characters to try and limit attacks

* UPDATED FEATURE: Protect author now has an exact and loose option:

* ADDED FEATURE: If inline formatting on, will display help when entering an entry, editing an entry