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October 2006

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Home » Archives » October 2006 » Getting gm-rss version 2.0 to work without the correct Perl libs installed

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10/03/2006: "Getting gm-rss version 2.0 to work without the correct Perl libs installed"

I made some modifications to gm-rss a short while ago to add RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 functionallity to the existing functionallity that produced an RSS1.0 syndication feed. Whilst adding this functionallity has not made it more difficult to install and get gm-rss running there is still a problem if your ISP doesnt have the necessary Perl modules installed already and if you dont have access to install them yourself. I previously hosted my site on a server where shell access was not allowed and also the Perl modules were not available.

The solution was to instead of installing the modules was to get the Perl modules and to use them locally. This can be difficult to do with some Perl modules if they in turn refer to othre modules that are not installed. You can in effect start chasing down a long list of dependancies. In this case the install is quite simple. The packages XML::RSS, XML::Atom::Simplefeed and XML::Simple are needed. I found the source by searching CPAN and then saved it to a text file with a .pm extension. I then located the "use" statements and instead used "require" statements and provided paths to the Perl modules.

I have updated my gm-rss 2.0 page and added the three Perl modules and also some simple instructions on where to do the edits.