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September 2006

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Home » Archives » September 2006 » Chapter 15 from Simon Collinsons is available

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09/20/2006: "Chapter 15 from Simon Collinsons is available"

I was browsing Simon Collinsons site last night and noticed that a sample chapter from his book "Beginning CSS web Development - From novice to Professional" is available for download. This is "chapter 15, Tips, Tricks and Troubles". This looks like a nice book, I may buy it next time i pop into York to Borders. I have a few web development books but not too much on CSS yet. I have just ordered "CSS Mastery" from Amazon so I will wait until I read that. My main Oracle Security site has at least some sort of style, well mish-mash. This site yet doesnt have any style applied to it as I am still trying to work out what it should look like. i think it will follow a simple classic layout for now, fixed width and menu across the top. I want to use some CSS techniques to use fluid layouts etc but that will come. I want to test out some new menu java script code that I have found and maybe update my Oracle site. I want to have a nicely styled site but for now, with limited time my focus os on Oracle security related research and some coding efforts around Greymatter. I will talk about that another time. I have also been looking into PHP to try and assemble a very simple CMS to make updates to none blog pages easier. We will see, anyway for now, have a look at Simon's free chapter!