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January 2007

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Thursday, January 18th

Greymatter 1.7.1 translated into Spanish

A couple of days ago there has been a post to the greymatter forums titled "Greymatter 1.7.1 spanish version". The Greymatter software has been translater to Spanish, this is a great new addition ot the Greymatter arsenal. "Spanish Greymatter 1.7.1" is available as a tar file GreyMatter 1.7.1-es.
Pete on 01.18.07 @ 09:32 PM GMT [link]

Monday, January 8th

gm-rss fixed for greymatter version 1.6.1 and 1.7.1

During testing of greymatter 1.7.1 i found that the RDF, RSS and Atom feed generator gm-rss.cgi was broken in a number of ways. The issues are to do with the fact that the major code rewrites done as part of greymatter 1.6.1 and 1.7.1 have changed the way that the core data is stored in files. The first issue is that the greymatter config file gm-config.cgi is now stored as name=value pairs. The old gm-rss.cgi file expected the configuration variables to be simply stored in fixed places, i.e. a particular variable would always be at the same line number. I have fixed the code to read in and parse the name=value pairs now. The second issue is that gm-rss.cgi reads the entries from gm-entrylist.cgi and expected them to be in descending numerical order. They are not stored in any order in gm 1.6.1 and 1.7.1. I have fixed gm-rss.cgi to read in the file and parse the contents into the correct order for gm-rss.

gm-rss.cgi is available as a download for versions 1.6.1 and 1.7.1 and also the orginal 2.0.0 version is still available for greymatter 1.3.1.

This is just a temporary fix until I release the new built in feed generator code that i am working on. Watch out soon for this. I will give details soon.
Pete on 01.08.07 @ 09:52 PM GMT [link]

Wednesday, January 3rd

Greymatter 1.7.1 mod development

I have been using greymatter for quite a long time now and until quite recently it was not really being developed much by the community. The software was pretty static and was being supported on an ad-hoc basis by a forum hosted by flippedcracker. All this changed late last year when flippedcracker shut down his forum. Quite quickly a new forum was set up and development started again spear-headed by Coldstone. In the last few months Greymatter has had a lot of work done on it and a sizable community is building on the new Greymatter forum to help develop and move Greymatter forward. There have been two main releases late last year, 1.6.1 and 1.7.1. These have mainly been code restructuring, bug fixing and some small enhancements. The code restructuring is necessary to clean up Greymatter and to make it much easier to add new features going forward.

Greymatter is very very much alive.

What is my interest? - I am a user of GM and also keen to see it develop and flurish. I have created an xml-rpc interface to allow me to ping sites like and also I have updated banana Bob's perl RSS feed code to also generate RSS2 and Atom 0.3. I am now looking at adding comment queue moderation to Greymatter and will also rewrite the RSS and Atom feed generation to bring it into the core GM. I also want to look at adding draft posts.

Keep watching, Greymatter is not dead and will continue to be developed.
Pete on 01.03.07 @ 11:18 PM GMT [link]

Monday, January 1st

Greymatter 1.7.1 has been released

A new version of the Greymatter blog software greymatter 1.7.1 has just been released and details can be found at the greymatter forums. The update includes some anti spam features as follows:

the number of links in comments are checked and posts are blocked or banned if they are exceeded.

A change has been made to force commentors to preview before posting

Commentors must provide a passphrase before comments are allowed to be posted.
Pete on 01.01.07 @ 02:59 PM GMT [link]