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January 2007

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01/03/2007: "Greymatter 1.7.1 mod development"

I have been using greymatter for quite a long time now and until quite recently it was not really being developed much by the community. The software was pretty static and was being supported on an ad-hoc basis by a forum hosted by flippedcracker. All this changed late last year when flippedcracker shut down his forum. Quite quickly a new forum was set up and development started again spear-headed by Coldstone. In the last few months Greymatter has had a lot of work done on it and a sizable community is building on the new Greymatter forum to help develop and move Greymatter forward. There have been two main releases late last year, 1.6.1 and 1.7.1. These have mainly been code restructuring, bug fixing and some small enhancements. The code restructuring is necessary to clean up Greymatter and to make it much easier to add new features going forward.

Greymatter is very very much alive.

What is my interest? - I am a user of GM and also keen to see it develop and flurish. I have created an xml-rpc interface to allow me to ping sites like and also I have updated banana Bob's perl RSS feed code to also generate RSS2 and Atom 0.3. I am now looking at adding comment queue moderation to Greymatter and will also rewrite the RSS and Atom feed generation to bring it into the core GM. I also want to look at adding draft posts.

Keep watching, Greymatter is not dead and will continue to be developed.

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on Wednesday, June 6th, Pete Finnigan said

I once used Greymatter, and appreciated its simple power. Thanks for your work on this. I may end up using Greymatter again.