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July 2005

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07/05/2005: "A new Web Development based web log"

Hi everyone,

This is a new weblog that I have started today. It is not my first weblog, that honour goes to my Oracle Security weblog, that blog is aimed totally at the specific subject of the security of Oracle databases as its name suggests. In the last few years I have spent an inordinate amount of time working on my website and in that time investigated and learned quite a bit about websites and how to create, maintain and promote them in search engines. I have also found out quite a bit about web logging and have posted some 430 or so posts on my Oracle Security blog.

I started this blog to be able to share some of my thoughts and knowledge gained in the area of web development. I am not sure about exactly what i will talk about here but it will certainly include some interesting papers, links, articles, tools etc. I plan to talk about blogging tools in detail. I am using greymatter at the moment for this blog. I have some firm ideas about what i want from a blogging tool and I will talk about these in a later post and why i want them and also which tools support my needs and whether I can use them. I also would like a complete Content Management System (CMS) for my website (s). I have talked about this in the past on my Oracle blog in a post called "Oracle security and content management". I still have not got very far with implementing a CMS for my site but I do have clearer ideas of what i want and maybe how I can do it. Because of my ideas of what I want in blogging tools have not gelled totally yet, I am still using greymatter. This may turn out to be a longer term solution if it seems better to modify Greymatter to do what I need. Another option is to create my own blogging and CMS tools - I will discuss this later.

I am also interested in CSS and moving my site away from a table layout, this, I know is a subject that gets discussed a lot. I am also interested in the style of my sites, although I do prefer the back-end coding parts. I am not a designer as you can tell from the layout and look of my site. Well this one has no style at all so far. I do have some string ideas about what i want to do with the style and layout of my sites. I will discuss these ideas as well.

I am also interested in site ranking, search engines and so on. I have found some good monitoring tools in the past and I will share links to these.

Finally (for now) I am interested in some of the techniques used for syndication, RSS and Atom feeds, XML-RPC, pinging, trackbacks and all. I want to talk about these subjects as well.

There will be many more things to talk about I am sure. I am not sure about my posting frequency on this blog, as I still plan to maintain my Oracle blog at least once per day. We will see! OK, that is it for now, its started!