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Pete Finnigan's Website Development Page

This site is coming very soon and will feature commentary, papers, notes, scripts, tools and many other things related to web site development. My main web site is all about Oracle security as that and other Oracle related matters are my day job. Inevitably running a web site has left me interested in the subject of website development itself. I have spent time on many areas, coding, search engines, optimization, CGI, weblogs of course and many more.

With this new website I want to try and document and share some of what I have learned running my main site. Along the way I hope to learn more myself..:-)

NEW A new web develop blog has been started on this site. Take a look at Pete Finnigan's Web Development Web Log.

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NEW I have added a new web development forum where you can discuss any web development issues.

I have added a page to this site to download Greymatter software. A replacement forum is available for any greymatter installation, configuration, modifications or any other type of question that you have. You can also can post to show off any new Greymatter sites or suggest enhancements.

Greymatter modifications that i know of are listed on my Greymatter mods page