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June 2016

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Monday, June 6th

New Author Post

test an entry as a different author
Pete on 06.06.16 @ 04:37 PM GMT [link]

Test entry for mood

mood: test

test an entry when mood is populated
Test on 06.06.16 @ 04:22 PM GMT [link]

Friday, September 11th

tes post 20 - allow Karma

This post is to test whether karma voting works
Test on 09.11.09 @ 07:28 PM GMT [link]

test post 19 - no filename in link

This is a test post using the normal padded number file name
Test on 09.11.09 @ 07:22 PM GMT [link]

Test post 18

This is a test post; this time to check if preview works on new posts
Test on 09.11.09 @ 06:59 PM GMT [link]

test entry 17 for link

This is a new entry using a named link
Test on 09.11.09 @ 12:42 PM GMT [link]

Thursday, September 10th

test entry 16 for link

This is a test to see if adding hard coded links works, edit to test if htm is built
edit again. updated a bit, here is a bit more
Test on 09.10.09 @ 04:16 PM GMT [link]

Test entry with its own link

This is a test entry to add a link to the post rather than use the padded number of the entry from the entries list
Test on 09.10.09 @ 04:02 PM GMT [link]

Thursday, May 15th

test blog entry for 1.8.2

This is a test post for GM 1.8.2 to tets it works...
Test on 05.15.08 @ 02:07 PM GMT [link]

Friday, January 25th

test blog for 1.8.1

test entry for 1.8.1
Test on 01.25.08 @ 12:41 PM GMT [link]

Wednesday, October 24th

test blog entry

This is a text blog enrry to test the pad digits issue
Test on 10.24.07 @ 01:40 PM GMT [link]

Monday, October 8th

test entry 3

some more text
Test on 10.08.07 @ 03:57 PM GMT [link]

second test 1.7.4

some post text for 1.7.4 seocnd test
Test on 10.08.07 @ 03:39 PM GMT [link]

test entry for 1.7.4

some test text to test 1.7.4
Test on 10.08.07 @ 03:31 PM GMT [link]