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March 2007

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Monday, March 19th

test post for

test post to check out to see if post preview works correctly. Here is a link to my web dev blog to check if links are causing an error.
Test on 03.19.07 @ 09:46 PM GMT [link]

Sunday, March 11th

test entry to test 1.7.2 release comments

test entry to test 1.7.2 release comments
Test on 03.11.07 @ 10:03 PM GMT [link]

Saturday, March 10th

test 2 - 1.7.2 beta

test 2
Test on 03.10.07 @ 10:32 PM GMT [link]

test entry for 1.7.2. beta

music: Mika
mood: Emil is ill

test 1
Test on 03.10.07 @ 10:25 PM GMT [link]